Album Review

"Greek traveler to space civilizations that calls himself Aevin, has mixed for us descent sort of galactic dust, and a nice trip to the lost corners of the infinite universe. Musically this concept is built on penetrating rhythms, in which spins all colors of electronic slugs, analogue sounds and beautiful melodies. Tracks are lining into dark passages where plays unsearched encounters of unknown civilizations or just discovered artefacts of unknown organic matter. Futuristic and modern concept. Many melodic strings and machine codes. The noisy elements and industrial blocks that moves in melodies and as I have already mentioned, it is completely based on strong, rhythmic basis. If I had to put this project into the idm category, I guess that Aevin would be average, but I will not do that, since this project is far more sophisticated and creative than today's product in combination of beat and sound. This piece offers much more and is interesting from the beginning with its dynamics. The Aftermath is evidence that the universe and the wanderings through the time hole are infinite"

Written by Peter Ryby and hosted on