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who's Aevin?

Aevin emerged as the need to explore the coexistance of harmony, tranditional composition along with the blurry lines of electronica and sound design. Mangling the coldness of the digital realm and the nostalgy of the analog days, delived as an infinite collage of abstract beats, ear worm melodies, mind drilling frequencies and dusty piano. 

Aevin is Teo T., a Greek digital media artist. While young, he was inspired and influenced by bands like Tangerine Dream, Krafwerk and Gong. Years later, around the mid-90's, still passionate about everything electronic, Teo was naturally attacted to Phychedelic Trance and the Rave scene, while still exploring the back-then-underground european electronica; Squarepusher, Eight Frozen Modules, etc. Nowadays, his interest in composition reignited as he started to take piano lessons.



The Aftermath

by Aevin

Following his determinant EP “X2A”, Aevin returns to Raumklang Music with the full-length album “The Aftermath”. While further establishing his signature sound, Aevin lures the listener to the front line of his aural artillery. 

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